WILKENS 180g Silver Plating

  • Silver Plating and Silver-Plated Cutlery: Our WILKENS 180g Silver Plating

    Since 1925 WILKENS Silver Manufacture also produces precious silver plating and exquisite silver-plated cutlery:

    Cutlery items and flatware pieces are first manufactured on with a base of highly durable 18/10 stainless steel or alpaca (64% copper, 24% zinc, 12% nickel) and then carefully plated with the finest pure silver.

  • Our WILKENS USP: The 180g silver plating

    Our WILKENS Silver Plated cutlery is coated with a generous thickness of 180g. In this process, 180 grams of fine silver per 24 dm2 are applied. This 180g silver plating is the strongest und most durable standard silver plating which can technically be applied in a standard process onto a piece of flatware. All WILKENS cutlery pieces are hand finished to enhance their beautifully warm lustre and shine.

  • At WILKENS & Söhne we are proud to be the only silver manufacturer worldwide, who is able to realize this exquisite level of silver plating quality in our standard product lines of cutlery and flatware items.

    WILKENS silver-plated cutlery in 180g silver plating can easily be recognised by its stamped WILKENS logo and the grade of silver plating on each cutlery item.