WILKENS 925 Sterling Silver

  • WILKENS 925 Sterling Silver

    Handcrafted to the highest standard of Sterling Silver, WILKENS cutlery is perfect for fine dining. Because sterling silver is specially designed to be used, it is guaranteed to last a lifetime with both its practical and aesthetic qualities, making it the most desirable of table top accessories.

  • Sterling Silver is the finest quality alloy used in the manufacturing of premium silver cutlery

    It has a minimum of 925 parts purity out of 1000 with the remainder of 75 parts being copper. This also improves the malleability of the silver. We then carefully apply an additional coating of 1000 grade fine silver to our WILKENS Silver – giving each silverware piece a remarkably lively and evenly intense lustre and shine. This is how you will recognize WILKENS silver cutlery made of Sterling Silver at first glance.

    All our cutlery pieces are hand finished and all knife handles are weighted for increased balance and durability.

  • In addition, all WILKENS silver cutlery, tableware and home accessories made of 925 Sterling Silver also have the embossing, as required by law according to the Stamp Act of 1884 with

    Wilkens hallmark (a stylized silver embossing tool)
    crescent of the moon
    amount of fine silver