Worldwide unique: Silver-plated cutlery with a WILKENS 180g silver plating.
Our goal is to create lasting values for generations - outstanding quality is our commitment. As the only silver manufacturer in the world, WILKENS applies a total of 180 grams of the purest fine silver to a 24-piece cutlery as standard and thus realizes the most solid and qualitatively best possible silver plating for silver-plated cutlery in innovative craftsmanship: the WILKENS 180g silver plating.

Variety and Selection: WILKENS offers the widest range of historical and modern cutlery patterns
Since 1810 our passion lies in manufacturing of fine silverware and cutlery. Personal commitment, outstanding talent and the remarkable sense for technical perfection have formed one of the largest and most extensive collections of historical and modern cutlery patterns today. With great attention to detail, we strive to preserve our large collection of historical and traditional cutlery forms and patterns. Our historic cutlery designs are still individually crafted by hand on original tools. With our wide range of original tools we are able to fulfill a broad spectrum of special requests far beyond our WILKENS top sellers such as Augsburger Faden (Thread), Palladio, Chippendale or Spaten (Spade).

Our commitment to every engraving: Perfection!
Whether crest, logo, monogram or ornament – personalised and individual engravings make each piece of cutlery unique. Our highly experienced engravers will apply your chosen motives carefully and precisely by hand, paying closest attention to every detail. With over 200 years of experience and tradition we pride ourselves on the finest quality silver manufacturing and craftsmanship.

We take the greatest care and attention to detail: Restoration and Repair of your old silver cutlery
Your family silver is important to us! Our team of qualified silversmiths will give the greatest care and attention to your silver and silver plated items. Make your silver cutlery shine again in new splendour by having it professionally polished. We also repair broken knives or other cutlery items. If an item has gotten lost, we can reproduce missing individual flatware pieces in their original shape, form and designs, and help you complete your cutlery set again – preserving a piece of family heirloom.

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