WILKENS - our tradition

  • At WILKENS we take great pride in our over 200-year old tradition of handcrafting the finest luxury silver flatware and cutlery, silver table ware, table accessories and collectibles. We feel it is our obligation and our promise to you to deliver the finest quality product and service to our customers.

    Using only finest quality sterling silver for the production of cutlery and tableware has a long tradition that goes back to the ancient Romans and reaches a peak in the 19th century with the Art Deco period.

    In those days, fine dining culture was celebrated, and numerous silver manufacturers crafted a large number of cutlery patterns with up to 130 individual pieces, thus furnishing the dinner tables of fine society.

  • Their passion for silver is what connects people at WILKENS in Bremen

    Since its foundation in 1810, it has been the passion for this unique and exquisite metal that inspired master silversmiths, artists and admirers of fine dining culture to design and to handcraft sterling silver tableware and cutlery, that perfectly combines the beauty of silver with tangible function in all its facets.

  • Masterpieces from over 200 years of WILKENS silversmithing heritage

    When you purchase your silver cutlery from WILKENS, you are purchasing directly from the manufacturer. All our products are carefully crafted by highly skilled silversmiths following time-honored methods with uncompromising attention to detail.
    Each piece of sterling silver or silver plated flatware is made in Germany, in our own company-owned facilities, and shipped directly to you.
    From magnificent centerpieces, created for the world-famous Bremer Schaffer Mahl, for example, to today's range of elegant contemporary table accessories made of 925 Sterling Silver, the world-famous WILKENS silver manufacture in Bremen has produced numerous unique masterpieces.
    Today, craftsmen each with a lifetime’s experience continue to fashion the finest silver cutlery, exclusive gifts and tableware with the same skills and loving care as they have been in the past 200 years.