WILKENS Bottle and Glass Coasters

The beautiful products of the WILKENS Home Collection add a glamorous and luxurious touch to your home decor. Our stylish home and dining-table accessories in 925 sterling silver, silver plated or stainless steel combine functionality with sleek design. Choose between elegant vases, trays, knife benches, gourmet items and much more. The beautiful home decor items of the WILKENS Home Collection are also perfectly suited as a precious gift for a dear or special person.
WILKENS offers a selection of sterling silver and silver plated glass and bottle coasters in a series of designs, styles and sizes. A personalised wine bottel coaster is the perfect accessory on your table for a formal occasion or even a casual BBQ with friends.
Customize your silver or silver plated glass coaster or bottle coaster with a personal engraving for a special gift.
For special care of your precious silver accessories we recommend the line of Hagerty Silver Care products, available in the WILKENS Onlineshop.

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