Historic Silverware Designs

  • Historic Silverware Designs: WILKENS is keeping the tradition alive

    Over 200 years of company history and our passion for silverware have left its mark:

    Today, the WILKENS Silver Manufacture houses one of the most extensive and unique collections of embossing moulds for historic cutlery designs and rare historical patterns.

    We are very proud of this and are pleased to be the only silver manufacturer in Germany to be able to reproduce such a large variety of different traditional cutlery patterns as new individual cutlery and flatware pieces.

    We reproduce traditional and historic silver cutlery sets as well as individual cutlery pieces upon request.

    Whether you would like to complete lost pieces of an inherited silver cutlery set or want to have an old traditional silver cutlery piece reproduced - we will be happy to place one of our carefully maintained historical design moulds onto our embossing machines and bring your family heirloom back to life for you.