Precious Metals & Finest Craftsmanship

  • WILKENS – Finest quality silver, silver-plated and stainless steel cutlery and table accessories manufactured in the most excellent craftsmanship tradition since the year 1810.

    With over 200 years of silversmithing tradition WILKENS & Söhne is commited to the highest standards of material and craftsmanship. WILKENS cutlery is always crafted with the utmost care and attention by our master craftsmen, using only raw materials, precious metals, and manufacturing techniques that meet WILKENS Silver Manufacture‘s exceptionally high quality standards.

  • WILKENS Silverware and Tableware – Treasures for Eternity

    In its tradition of over 200 years, this Bremen Silver Manufacture’s products stand for state of the art tableware for fine dining culture.

    As the oldest established brand for fine silver cutlery, WILKENS today offers a unique range and broad selection of cutlery from all stylistic epochs and exceptional expertise in all types of materials.

    WILKENS cutlery and table accessories are available in

    925 Sterling Silver
    Silver Plated
    High Grade Stainless Steel