Repair & Refurbishment of your Sterling Silver or Silver Plated Cutlery Items

  • Your family heirloom is important to us!

    Our team of qualified expert silversmiths will give the greatest care and attention to your silver and silver plated treasures when repairing or restoring them.

    If needed, any WILKENS product - but also silver or silver plated items of other silver manufacturers - can be reconditioned or repaired in our manufactore - be it with a professional repolish, application of a new silver plating or the reworking and sharpening of the blades. Make your beautiful silver cutlery or tableware shine again in new splendour!

  • If silverware items are lost or no longer available for purchase, we can reproduce your missing pieces individually. Each item is handcrafted with the help of old original tools and embossing molds. This way you can complete your cutlery set again – preserving your precious traditional family heirlooms .

    WILKENS owns the widest range of cutlery moulds and embossing designs from all stylistic epochs enabling us to reproduce nearly all historic and traditional cutlery patterns. Our master silversmiths have exceptional expertise and experience in working with the precious metals.