Wedding Gift Ideas

  • Gift Ideas for Wedding Couples

    The wedding is a very special day for the bride and groom to be celebrated with friends and relatives. Finding the perfect gift for this occasion is often not easy.

    Various top-quality household items and luxury home accessories, which the wedding couple might not be able to afford themselves, are among the classic gifts for a wedding. When giving such a gift, you can team up with several guests to have a larger budget for a precious gift.

    The couple will likely receive many gifts on their wedding day – therefore it is not easy to find a gift that stands out. An individual personalised gift with the names of the spouses, a family crest, the date of the wedding or a beautiful poem engraved, has a very personal touch and ensures lasting memory of the unforgettable day. Our WILKENS master engravers will gladly engrave a silver tray, champagne goblets or any piece of cutlery or flatware with a personal message to your liking.

    Gift Wrapping and Packaging

    The perfect gift requires appropriate packaging. A unique or special gift box can help convey an emotional message, as it will be the very first impression. You can use unusual packaging materials such as wood, metal, bamboo or banana leaves, hemp, cork, various fabrics, linen, silk or leather to wrap the special gift.

    Personalize the gift wrapping. You could have the name and wedding date of the bridal couple embossed on the packaging or have a greeting text engraved. Many items from our WILKENS collections are available in high-quality gift packaging. Please ask us about special packaging when placing your order.



    WILKENS features an excellent selection of wedding gifts to choose from, including personalised silver wedding presents. From luxury silver-plated champagne flutes to silver photo frames and jewelry boxes, our personalised wedding gifts collection caters to a wide range of tastes.