Planning a wedding

  • Time Schedule for your wedding

    9-12 months before the wedding
    Set wedding date
    How, when and where would you like to get married?
    Would you like a Church Wedding?
    Decide on the style of the wedding celebration

    6-9 months before the wedding
    Book the church
    Complete guest list
    Book your venue & caterer for the party
    Hire a band, DJ or Musician
    Book photographers
    Select florists
    Plan your honeymoon

    4-6 months before the wedding
    Order wedding cake
    Complete your gift registry
    Research and book overnight accommodation for the couple and guests from outside
    Have wedding invitations printed

    2 - 4 months before the wedding
    Book transportation (shuttle service)
    Send out invitations

    4 - 8 weeks before the wedding
    Get your marriage license
    Create your seating chart
    Create your wedding day timeline

  • Wedding planning - Decoration

    To entertain your guests in a charming way and create an extraordinary atmosphere, the decoration of your wedding location is particularly important. A perfectly set table with shiny silverware and sparkling glasses on fine and beautiful tablecloths contribute to a festive atmosphere at your wedding. Your table decoration should complement the look and atmosphere of your location and correspond with the rest of your festivitites on your special day.

    Let yourself be inspired by our exquisite and fine silver and silver-plated cutlery and table top accessories.

    Tips for the perfect wedding decoration

    Choose a visual element that connects all aspects of your wedding like a certain colour, a particular flower, a special theme, logo or something similar.

    Define a color scheme (preferably a neutral background color accentuated with one or two bold shades).

    An ocean of flowers (But: flowers should match the architecture and furnishings of your venue).

    Arrange for appropriate lighting at the wedding location - many candles or light chains will add a romantic and festive atmosphere.

    Small details can make a big impact: Decorate the entrance of your wedding location, decorate the bathrooms, have ribbon decorated baskets with ladies' toiletries, replace white light bulbs with coloured ones, set up a board with the table numbers and guest‘s names).